Simba 0.98 and Bug Statistics

Simba 0.98

As previously stated, Simba 0.98 will bring a major rework of the Find* functions in finder.pas. Apart from CTS 3, a rework of the other CTS's we also tried to cut down on the amount of code. Functions like FindDTM already used FindDTMs (note the s), and we're slowly doing this for other functions like FindBitmapTolerance and CountColor as well. Also added is a new colour tolerance speed (-1), but it is only for internal use. It basically uses disabled tolerance searches completely.

Bug Statistics

We've been trying to keep the open bugs count low for Simba. These are the current statistics: [*]

open resolved closed total
55 143 91 289

And statistics from about a month ago: [†]

open resolved closed total
46 140 76 262
[*]Note that closed and resolved are a bit mixed as of now, but they generally indicate fixed bugs, or bugs that aren't bugs.

Commit log

Changes from 0.97 to 0.98-rc5

This list doesn't reflect all the commits to Simba 0.98; as Simba 0.98 is not officially released yet - it will see a lot more work.

Cohen Adair (11):
      MML: Changed PointToBox parameters to be more clear
      Edited Extensions/ via GitHub
      Edited Extensions/ via GitHub
      Edited Extensions/ via GitHub
      Edited Extensions/ via GitHub
      Made frm.position screen center (my taskbar always covered the top of frm)
      Removed Reflection from SRL updater and added SPS and MSI
      Emptied MSI updater so it doesn't conflict with new updater
      Renamed SRL remote and changed the name and menu option

GitBraK (3):
      Added Example for HoldMouse to Docs
      Add more Mouse+Keyboard Documentation
      More Mouse+Keyboard Documentation

John P (Dgby714) (5):
      Lape Integration, TLPThread work
      TLPThread update, Lape settings, Add Lape unit to OtherUnitFiles
      TLPThread update, Uncommented Lape Defines
      TLPThread Update      - Init Result to False in OnHandleDirective.        - Override lape _writeln, Now adds to Debug memo.
      PascalScript: Added TWinControl.DoubleBuffered.

Kevin Brightwell (1):
      Updated to not use the reflection include.

Mark Janse (1):
      Add plugin memory manager setting.     Might be useful for passing objects between dll/app

Merlijn Wajer (117):
      Add L*a*b CTS (3).
      Finder: Trying a different CTS approach.
      More cleanups to CTS.
      CTS rework for FindColorsTolerance.
      CTS: Cleanups.
      Completed first CTS rework.
      CTS cleanups.
      CTS work. CTS 2 is still broken for bitmaps.
      FindBitmapToleranceIn now works.
      Add L*a*b CTS (3).
      CTS 3: Now implement the formula properly.
      CTS 3: Fix typo.
      Add CTS 3 to FindColorsTolerance.
      Lape: Add lape submodule.
      Simba/Doc: Add Raymond to doc.
      Small TODO update.
      Finder: Start CTS rework.
      Finder: CTS-rework fixes.
      Finder: More fixes. :-)
      Finder: Remote tolerance param. Cleanups.
      Finder: CTS 2 fix.
      Finder: More rework and cleanups.
      Documentation: Initial libMML documentation.
      Documentation: Bump version to 820.
      libMML: Changed the indentation.
      Lape: Add Wrappers project.
      Lape: Update head.
      MMLCore: FindBitmapToleranceIn cts rewrite.
      Tests: Add BmpBench.
      MML/Core: Fixes for FindBitmapToleranceIn.
      MML/Core: FindBitmapToleranceIn is nearly finished.
      MML/Core: FindBitmapToleranceIn seems to work.
      MML/Core: Cleanup.
      Tests: Update BmpBench.
      MMLCore/finder: Small cleanup.
      MML/Finder: CTS: Bitmap+Color functions done.
      MML/Finder: FindDTMs rework done.
      MML/Finder: FindDTMsRotated rework.
      MML/Finder: Fix FindDTMsRotated.
      MML/Finder: Fix all compiler hints + bug.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Lape: Add wrappers.
      Lape-wrappers: Fix by nielsie95.
      Lape: Most types added. Interpreter starts.
      Merge new CTS/Finder system.
      Simba: Bump version to 971 for next release.
      Merge new CTS/Finder system.
      Documentation: Fix merge gone wrong.
      Installer: Comment settings.xml copy again.
      Simba: Bump version to 972.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Squashed commit of the following:
      Lape: Cleaned up exported methods file.
      Lape: Update wrappers.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Revert "Should compile with latest LCL, donno if it works, but meh, just graphic components."
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Relocate lape submodule.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Lape: Compiles again with lape ps support.
      Add SMARTLoader example.
      Documentation: Updated TODO.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Simba: Fix mistake in web.rst
      Update TODO files.
      Lape: Update head.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Fix spelling mistakes.
      Fix spelling mistakes.
      Bump version to 980.
      Fix compilation against latest Lape.
      Bitmaps.rst: fix typo.
      Bitmaps.rst: Change code examples a bit.
      Resolve bug #222.
      Clean up a bit more.
      Resolve bug #309.
      Add DeleteFile to LPInc.
      Merge CTS 3.
      Filewall can now hook into DeleteFile.
      Initial MML Documentation work.
      Fix Makefile to work with Lape.
      Fix Makefile to work with Lape.
      Exported LoadFromTBitmap; untested.
      Fix CopyBitmap export.
      Fix ExtPath in extensions.
      Fix security extension logo and compilation.
      Temporary workaround for bug #316.
      Simba: Change version number to 973.
      Update Copyright for MMLCore, MMLAddon and Simba.
      Some libMML updates.
      A few more libMML changes.
      Documentation updates.
      Lape: Update HEAD.
      Add ``keywait'' parameter to SendString.
      Export SendKeys properly.
      CTS 3 documentation.
      Fix SendKeys on Lape.
      Add SendKeys to documentation.
      More Mouse+keyboard documentation.
      Update documentation todo.
      Add GetProcesses documentation.
      Fix segfault in all DTM functions.
      Update lape HEAD..
      Add AUTHORS file.
      Fix FindDTMRotatedAlternating documentation.
      Bump version to 974.
      Finder: Remove double code.
      FindBitmapSpiralTolerance clean up.
      Update lape submodule.
      Export TMufasaBitmap.LoadFromTBitmap.
      Fix spelling.
      Fix spelling for lape too.
      Fix SendKeys example.
      Small fix.

Niels (9):
      Added debug message for when initializing the interpreter fails.
      Fixed a bug in lape wrapper generation.
      New lape wrappers.
      Commented functions that cannot be imported yet for lape.
      Little bugfix in lape wrapper generator + new wrappers.
      Simba compiles again now.
      Wrapper generators fix.
      DTM Editor: Fixed loading from string and removed modal showing.
      DTM Editor: Adding Loading/Saving to file.

Raymond (3):
      Added small function to TMufasaBitmap
      Removed Find*Optimised     XYZ is no longer treated as percentages (values from 0..1, instead of 0..100).     Added cts -1, which is only accessible from withint Finder (it ignores the tolerance parameter)     Made Find-functions that took no tolerance parameter use the tolerance version with cts -1     Inlined colour conversion for cts2 and cts3 (which should optimize cts2 'quite' a bit).
      Small bugfix in Font-loading

Thomas Augood (1):
      Add initial TPA documentation.

h (1):
      SPS Updater