What to expect from Simba 0.98, Simba 0.97.3

Simba 0.98

Simba 0.98 is currently still under development, but has already seen some interesting changes and I suspect a first release candidate can be expected within a week from now.

One of the major changes in Simba 0.98 is a rework of pretty much all the colour, bitmap and dtm finding functions - hopefully without any regression. We're also working on a test script to compare the results from the new system to the old system to ensure that there are no regressions. While this rewrite does not give a major performance boost, it does allow the us to add new colour comparison algorithms to all functions with ease.

Because of this rewrite, the colour comparison that uses HSL (Colour Tolerance Speed 2) now works for DTM and Bitmap finding. Additionally, an experimental Colour Tolerance Speed 3 has been added which uses the C*I*E LAB colour definitions for its comparison. It is not very fast but quite accurate and there is room for an improvement in speed. [*]

Other current additions include but are not limited to:

  • TWinControl.DoubleBuffered.
  • Added SRLRemote Extension.
  • Bugfixes from Simba 0.97.3.

Things that are still unfinished but will likely end up in Simba 0.98 include:

  • Script Manager.
  • A user-friendly settings manager.
[*]Adding Colour Tolerance Speed 3 only adds 35 extra lines to the code base.

Simba 0.97.3

We've been trying to keep the open bugs count low for Simba. These are the current statistics: [†]

open resolved closed total
46 140 76 262

It is important to note that the majority of open bugs however are far fetched features or features that have yet to be decided on if they are viable or even possible at all. Others are directly related to SMART or Simba's current interpreter: Pascalscript.

Main changes from 0.97.2 include documentation additions, a new function DeleteFile and a small rework for the settings which you generally should not notice.

Hopefully, Simba 0.97.3 (or 0.97.4) will include a fixed Filewall extension, it has been broken for some time.

[†]Note that closed and resolved are a bit mixed as of now, but they generally indicate fixed bugs, or bugs that aren't bugs.

Commit log

Changes from 0.97 to 0.98

This list doesn't reflect all the commits to Simba 0.98; as Simba 0.98 is not officially released yet - it will see a lot more work.

Cohen Adair (3):
      Extensions: SRLRemote.sex
      Edited Extensions/SRLRemote.sex via GitHub
      Edited Extensions/SRLRemote.sex via GitHub

John P (Dgby714) (1):
      PascalScript: Added TWinControl.DoubleBuffered.

Merlijn Wajer (61):
      Finder: Trying a different CTS approach.
      More cleanups to CTS.
      CTS rework for FindColorsTolerance.
      CTS: Cleanups.
      Completed first CTS rework.
      CTS cleanups.
      CTS work. CTS 2 is still broken for bitmaps.
      FindBitmapToleranceIn now works.
      Add L*a*b CTS (3).
      CTS 3: Now implement the formula properly.
      CTS 3: Fix typo.
      Add CTS 3 to FindColorsTolerance.
      Simba/Doc: Add Raymond to doc.
      Small TODO update.
      Finder: Start CTS rework.
      Finder: CTS-rework fixes.
      Finder: More fixes. :-)
      Finder: Remote tolerance param. Cleanups.
      Finder: CTS 2 fix.
      Finder: More rework and cleanups.
      Documentation: Initial libMML documentation.
      Documentation: Bump version to 820.
      libMML: Changed the indentation.
      MMLCore: FindBitmapToleranceIn cts rewrite.
      Tests: Add BmpBench.
      MML/Core: Fixes for FindBitmapToleranceIn.
      MML/Core: FindBitmapToleranceIn is nearly finished.
      MML/Core: FindBitmapToleranceIn seems to work.
      MML/Core: Cleanup.
      Tests: Update BmpBench.
      MMLCore/finder: Small cleanup.
      MML/Finder: CTS: Bitmap+Color functions done.
      MML/Finder: FindDTMs rework done.
      MML/Finder: FindDTMsRotated rework.
      MML/Finder: Fix FindDTMsRotated.
      MML/Finder: Fix all compiler hints + bug.
      Merge new CTS/Finder system.
      Documentation: Fix merge gone wrong.
      Squashed commit of the following:
      Merge pull request #33 from Dgby714/DoubleBuffered
      Bump version to 980.
      Merge CTS 3.

Changes from 0.97.2 to 0.97.3

Cohen Adair (1):
      MML: Changed PointToBox parameters to be more clear

Merlijn Wajer (11):
      Add SMARTLoader example.
      Merge pull request #36 from Coh3n/master
      Documentation: Updated TODO.
      Simba: Fix mistake in web.rst
      Update TODO files.
      Fix spelling mistakes.
      Bitmaps.rst: fix typo.
      Bitmaps.rst: Change code examples a bit.
      Resolve bug #222.
      Clean up settings_const.inc a bit more.
      Resolve bug #309.

Thomas Augood (1):
      Add initial TPA documentation.