What to expect from Simba 0.99

Simba 0.99 is to be released soon, with the first release candidate coming up in the next few days.

Simba 0.99-rc1

New features:

  • New Settings Form.
  • Portable Simba. (Default)
  • The non-portable version of Simba now respects user directories on both Windows and Unix (with XDG support).
  • More hash/cipher functions.
  • Initial support for loading a bitmap from clipboard in the bitmap convertor.
  • Major settings backend rework.
  • Added Version to Simba's UserAgent.
  • New Extension hook: onScriptOpen.
  • Latest and greatest Lape.
  • Support for JPG/PNG in TMufasaBitmap.SaveToFile (and in SaveBitmap)
  • Crash logger. When something goes wrong, Simba will attempt to write a log to a file. You can then choose to keep running Simba or terminate it.
  • Formatter extension to nicely format your scripts.
  • Examples/ directory.
  • Fixed TFontStyle enum.
  • DTM Editor fix for mouse hovering.
  • Some memory clean ups.
  • FindFile fix.
  • Read Only mode is no longer allowed on unsaved scripts.
  • Decreased default verbosity.

And a LOT more fixes.

Bug Summary

We've been trying to keep the open bugs count low for Simba. Recently we've fixed a lot of open bugs and what's left is mainly feature requests.

These are the current statistics:

open resolved closed total
49 0 281 330

This is the summary from several months ago: (resolved = closed)

open resolved closed total
46 140 76 262

In other news...

Simba has an extra (new) build system current located at l0.lt. It contains a few insightful summaries as well as downloads for supported each platform. (32/64 bit Windows/Linux)

Commit log

Changes from 0.98 to 0.99-rc1 (so far)

This list doesn't reflect all the commits to Simba 0.99; as Simba 0.99 is not officially released yet - it will see a lot more work.

Jack Shannon (6):
      worked on gui
      stand alone
      Added Script Manager to Simba
      More scriptmanager work.
      Script manager updates.
      Populated settings form, added loading and saving

John P (Dgby714) (20):
      Simba: Use proper directories.
      Settings file now defaults to DocPath incase of permission problems.
      MMLAddon: crypto.inc Cleanup
      MMLAddon: crypto.inc cleanup 2, Free Digest
      Added DCP Ciphers, Moved DCP Hashes. Added RC2 thru RC6 to Simba.
      Simba: Ctrl+A fix for memo.
      Forgot a file in ctrl+A fix.
      Simba: Use XDG_* for DocPath.
      Added moved units (DCP) to Makefile.
      PascalScript: Made the first parameter of GetArrayLength a const.
      PascalScript: Fixed TFontStyle enum. (Rearranged)
      MML: FindFile fix.
      MML: Fixed Header, Picky about consts...
      Simba: Moved data files, added Portable Define.
      Simba: Default to relative paths in Portable.
      Cleanup and added USE_CPASCAL define. Also fixed freeing Lape.
      Simba: Small changes to the form.
      Lape: Added a temp fix for our lack of a proper write procedure.
      Simba: Fixes to Clipboard Loading
      Extenstion: Script Formatter

John Peel (4):
      Extenstion: srl.sex update, fixed plugin updater
      Simba: Use DS instead of static '/'. Also added a missed semicolon.
      Simba: Removed dcpbase64 from a file that didn't need it.
      Simba: DocPath fix. (Windows, use GetUserDir instead of $HOME)

Merlijn Wajer (76):
      Simba/SimpleSettings: Initial work.
      Simba/SimpleSettings: Add .lrs file.
      Merge mc_teo's initial script manager work.
      Fix a merge gone wrong.
      Change URLs.
      Simba version -> 0.99.
      OCRBench updates.
      Some changes to OCR.
      Went through the UpText code, added comments.
      Comment BenLand100's code.
      New Upchars!
      Fix casing in updater URL.
      Add Simba/<Version> to User Agent.
      Bump installer version to 0.99.
      Bump version to 1000.
      Fix FindDeformedBitmapToleranceIn.
      Fix CTS 2 bug.
      CTS 2 Optimisation.
      Update copyright.
      Another CTS 2 fix.
      Merge font comments.
      Update lape head.
      Add LAZARUS_PATH to Makefile args.
      Fix CTS 2, CTS 3 and RGB<->XYZ.
      Remove debug.
      Update LAPE head.
      New 'y' Upchar by TRiLeZ.
      Small scriptmanager changes.
      Update documentation version to 1.00
      Add .lrs file for scriptmanager.
      Fixed URL.
      Make updateform compliant with settings rework.
      Add scriptmanager to uses again.
      Bug 346: RO mode doesn't work on unsaved scripts.
      Initial crash logger & Simba.exe info update.
      Bitmapform: Add load from clipboard.
      Small fixes to clipboard loading.
      Added a minimal TODO.
      Support JPG/PNG in TMufasaBitmap.SaveToFile.
      Remove double defines.
      Makefile: Remove (deprecated) rutis code.
      Make: Comment some of the plugin copy procedures.
      Make: Enable Script folder creation.
      Credits for formatter extension.
      Merge new settings work.
      Fixed a few settings bugs.
      Fix alternative config support.
      Update lape HEAD.
      Additional settings changes. - May not compile.
      Fixed compilation.
      Implement onChange event.
      Exemplary onChange.
      Small todo.
      Remove useless line.
      Settings fix.
      Simple settings form.
      Settings fix.
      Simba Settings: Ensure the form is visible.
      Add minimal list of settings.
      Changes to new Simba Settings form.
      Add Interpreter support for settings form.
      Move settings form back to a normal position.
      Updater is now the default tab.
      Fix saving for functionlist/tray.
      Clean up simbaunit.pas a bit.
      Doc version bump + small fix.
      Support for onDefault, more clean up to settings.
      Move default settings to newsimbasettings.
      Rename settings options.
      Initial attempt at onScriptOpen hook.
      Finish onScriptOpen and fix onScriptStart hook.
      Additional doc changes for hooks.
      Fix breakage due to new hooks.
      Minor documentation changes.
      Decrease verbosity for simbaunit.

Niels (4):
      DTM Editor: Mouse hovering shows color now more clear (black letters with yellow glow).
      Update lape.
      Changed fontloading, so it works in Lape too.     More exports for Lape.
      One more exported function to Lape.     Also minor changes to the dtm editor.

U-Daniel-PC\Daniel (1):
      Added Examples to Simba

mormonman (3):
      Color Conversions added for CIELab
      FillEllipse, SortTPAByX/Y, FindTPARows, FindTPAColumns